Conklin Roofing Systems

Conklin Roofing Systems is rippled metal sheeting that Oklahoma Select Roofing and Construction use for some of our roofing and siding projects. Conklin is durable, tough, light weight and provides a weather resistant. The weather resistant feature helps protect the home from severe storms that produce an immense of rainfall or hail. The rippled metal sheet is able to reflect and drain the rainfall from the roofing or siding from the canal-like shape it provides.

As for the green approach, it provides less maintenance, landfill costs and can be recoated instead of replaced. Along with being green to the environment, it is supplied in various sizes and styles to choose from. With many colors, finishes and gauges, OSR can provide a selection that fits your preference. Some of the popular metals available are hefti-rib metal panel, deep rib metal panel and an ultra-rib painted white panel.

Don’t replace your roof – restore it!